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Have a group trip planned in the near future?  Trying to figure out just how you are going to get everyone there on time and safe? AKNY is an acclaimed transportation company in New York City with decades of experience and a track record of safety.

  1. What exactly is an AKNY coach bus?

Also referred to as a motorcoach, a coach bus is a privately reserved vehicle used by businesses, organizations and various groups.  A charter bus is contracted to transport a group to wherever they choose to go rather than travelling via an established bus route. Coach buses are normally large, with tinted windows, large storage bays for storing equipment and luggage, and several rows of padded seating for passengers.  A typical coach bus seats approximately 56 passengers but can range anywhere from 36 to 60 seats.

  1.  Is there a difference between a coach bus, party bus, minibus and entertainer bus?

The main difference between the various buses is their size and use.  A minibus, for example, is best suited for 35 passengers or less, while a charter bus is ideal for groups of 36 or more people.  Similarly, a party bus holds less than 35 people but rather than rows, the seating is arranged along the side of the bus allowing for easier socialization and movement.  An entertainer bus, on the other hand, is best suited for celebrities and musicians, holding anywhere from 8 to 12 passengers and outfitted with luxury amenities such as sleeping bunks, kitchen, lounge area, satellite TVs, restroom, storage space, master suite and more.

  1.  Who typically rents an AKNY coach bus?
  • Educational institutions
  • Fraternities
  • Wedding parties
  • Businesses
  • Religious groups
  • Sports teams
  • Entertainment companies
  1.  Are any amenities included on an AKNY coach bus?

Most coach buses include a small restroom, AC, TV monitors, reclining seats, and a DVD player.  Additionally, many modern coach buses are outfitted with WIFI and outlets for various devices. Considering not all buses contain the same amenities, it is best to discuss at the onset any expectations or desired features you may have.

  1.  Are food, drinks and alcohol allowed on an AKNY coach bus?

Food and drinks are typically permitted on a coach bus, however, it is best to check in ahead.  Ideally, be considerate and leave messy and smelly foods at home. Alcohol and its consumption is generally allowed, though a refundable deposit will likely be required.  Leaving behind a mess, spills and trash may require you to pay a cleaning fee. A primary concern for coach rentals is safety. It is paramount to remind passengers who intend to consume alcohol that their actions may distract the driver and thereby put their fellow passengers at risk.

  1.  What is prohibited on an AKNY coach bus?

Generally, coach buses have a no-pets policy.  Though, service animals are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act and are permitted to ride with a disabled person.  Weapons, flammable materials, dangerous chemicals and explosives are not permitted on a coach bus. Additionally, smoking is not allowed on a coach bus, however, smoking at rest stops is certainly acceptable.

  1. What is the storage space like on AKNY Buses?

Coach buses have ample storage space both inside the bus and outside.  Inside there are overhead compartments for passengers to store their personal belongings.  Outside, underneath the bus, there are large storage bays that are capable of holding larger luggage and equipment.

  1. What are the restrooms generally like on your coach bus?

A standard coach bus contains compact restroom with a toilet and handwashing station.  Space is limited, and due to the movement of the bus using it can be difficult for many passengers.  It is recommended to keep save restroom breaks for rest stops, if possible.

  1.  What about safety and accessibility?

As of November 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration required that all new coach buses be built with seatbelts.  Buses built prior to this are not obligated to have seatbelts. Regardless of when a bus was built, however, are subject to federal safety regulations ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers. If requested, wheelchair accessibility is required by the Americans with Disability Act.  Keep in mind, not all buses are outfitted for wheelchair access so it is important to make this need known at the onset.

  1.  How far in advance should I book a coach bus?

To make sure you get the best rates, you should try to book your coach bus about one to three months in advance.  If you are looking to book during high season (spring), six to nine months is best. Last minute events are inevitable and we aim to ensure you get the transportation you need.

  1.  How much does a rental cost?

The rates all depend on the distance and duration of the trip.  A long-distance trip will require a quote based on mileage. A trip, or several trips, over several days will be based on a daily rate.

  1.  Who is the driver, and do I have to tip him/her?

You are provided with a professional, experienced and safe driver for your travels.  It is important to take into account that your diver can only drive 10 hours straight and will need an 8-hour break.  You will likely be assigned a second driver if your destination is further than 10 hours away. If your trip includes nights, the cost of a hotel room for the driver will need to be factored in.  A tip is not required, but definitely, a great way to say thank you. Considering the typical 10-20% gratuity is not included in your quote, it is best to ask ahead of time what the tipping options are.

A charter bus is the most economical and safe option when traveling in a group, whether short or long distance.


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